In this era of ubiquitous mobile phones and continuous internet penetration, businesses must adapt in this direction. While adapting, the focus is to engage the target audience through storytelling, build a loyal following, and meet them where they are.

This does not come easy, as it spreads audiences across different…

How To Tell Stories That Captures The Attention of Your Audience.

Let’s say you are a reader and you have just finished reading a captivating story. Now consider what makes the story so compelling. Was it the tone? Were the references drawn in the contents relatable?

How do you develop…

How To Successfully Create A Storytelling Campaign

By Mary Isiekwene

Before the thought of creating a successful storytelling campaign comes up, one must first understand the meaning of storytelling.

Storytelling is first seen as entertainment, it is passing across information about a past event (history), recent event (experiential storytelling/ non-fiction)…

Bringing powerful stories to life takes a village. Every role is as significant as it is insignificant without the other players.

The foundation of every story starts with an idea or a vision, and brand managers like Deola Aromiwura are the masterminds that lay the ideas and their translation of…

House Of ZETA

An independent storytelling agency using strategy, creativity, & data to tell powerful stories that magnify essence, representation & impact.

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